Newsman's sport fishing column and report

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Newsman's sport fishing column and report

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Weekly Fraser Valley Sport Fishing Column, Nov 2 to 9, 2015

Another easterner come west was Rufus Gibbs. Gibb opened a tool and metal stamping company, on Main Street, Vancouver, in 1908. Four years later after a fire closed him down his operation moved to Duffern St., some years later to West Third.

Gibb was a great fan of salmon fishing, which led to him using his skills as a metal worker, to experiment with and successfully manufacture fishing spoons and spinners. His skill as a lure maker and fisherman soon made him a well known sport fishing celebrity; but Gibb was not just a celebrated fisherman and successful business man. Gibb was also a remarkable philanthropist who financed many projects that would have struggled in difficulty without his assistance.

With so many fishermen tourists coming to the west coast (covering all points from Alaska to Mexico), in search of trophy salmon and steelhead; the government of British Columbia, wanted to make sure BC got it’s fare share of the tourist dollars. In answer to the need, the British Columbia Bureau of Information, produced a hand book, in 1910, titled, “The Game Fish of British Columbia.” Said book was penned by former California State Fisheries Commissioner; now British Columbia Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries, John Pease Babcock. In a rebuttal to a belief that salmon would not take well to the fly; Babcock had these things to say about fly fishing for BC salmon;

“It is often stated that Pacific salmon do not take a fly, but having caught both Spring and Coho salmon in the province with a fly, the writer feels justified in denying this statement…”

The Report

Our lower mainland lakes are fishing slow to fair. For better success watch your barometer and try to focus your fishing during the upward in air pressure. For wet (sinking) fly fishing try: Chironomid, Wooly Bugger, Doc Spratley, Halfback, Micro Leach, Six Pack, Souboo, Pumpkinhead, Damsel Nymph, American Coachman, or Baggy Shrimp.

Our local bass fishing is slowing down also. For bass try: Foam Frog, Poppers, Chernobyl Ant, Stimulator, Adult Damsel, Adult Dragon, Big Black, Wooly Bugger, Dragon Nymph, Pumpkinhead, Dolly Whacker, Lefty’s Deceiver, or Clouser’s Deep Minnow.

Fishing on our interior lakes is slow fair to fair. For wet fly fishing try: Chironomid, Big Black, 52 Buick, Dragon Nymph, Halfback, Butler’s Bug, Doc Spratley, Green Spratley, Pumpkinhead, Green Carey, Damsel Nymph, Dragon Nymph, or Baggy Shrimp.

The Fraser River is good for coho, spring, chum. For coho try: Coho Blue, Christmas Tree, olive or black Wooly Bugger, Coho killer, Bite Me, or Rolled Muddler. For spring try: Big Black, GP, Flat Black, Squamish Poacher, Popsicle, or Kauffman’s black Stone. For chum try: Popsicle, Flat Black, Christmas Tree, Dec 25th, Met Green, or Holliman.

The Harrison River is fair to good for cutthroat, coho, spring, and chum . For cutthroat try: Rolled Muddler, American Coachman, Tied Down Minnow, Stone Nymph, Eggo, Cased Caddis, Czech Nymph, Hares Ear Nymph, or Irresistible.

The Vedder River is fair to good for: coho and chum.

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