Bass Pro Shipping sale

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Bass Pro Shipping sale

Post  Quin on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:12 pm

Hey just a heads up, BPS has a deal on shipping. Actually 2 deals.
1st is $3 shipping on orders over $75. Through July 4th. Phone code L3AT
2nd is $5.95 no minimum order. Ends Sunday Phone code L3CL
Remember to mention the shipping deal and give the code, it's not automatic. I had to call back and give the code because I forgot to tell it to the rep when I ordered. Saved about $25. I would have been a little p/o'd with myself Evil or Very Mad 
There's a different code for ordering on-line. TYWIN for the $75 minimum, FLAT595 for the no minimum.
Hope this helps somebody out, every $ saved etc.



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