Minnekhada Ponds in Port Coquitlam

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Minnekhada Ponds in Port Coquitlam

Post  sam6140 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:52 am

Hey everyone,

I was thinking of trying those ponds. Heard rumors that there's bass there. It's the closest bass location to my house. Has anyone here tried them? Is it worth it? Any big bass? Just a note: I can only shore fish (boat-less)/. Sad

I've fished Pitt meadows marsh, albert dyck, mill lake, silvermere lake, and the Trinity University ponds. Bass were one after another pretty much at Silvermere & Trinity University this month. But they were all smaller and no more than a pound. Albert Dyck (been there only once) when I made a trip out to Abbotsford, had a lot of hard bites, but I keep missing them. Only caught 2 small bass there. But i had some huge hits that bent my rod and just ripped my worm right off the hook...could these be bigger bass? Mill Lake - not a single bass, nor did I see one. Just kept catching bluegills on almost every cast.


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Re: Minnekhada Ponds in Port Coquitlam

Post  Quin on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:44 pm

Yeah there's bass in there, and it's mostly all shore fishing, due to the fact you'd have to pack in a boat quite a distance!! Haven't fished it this year though. I usually park at the lodge and walk in on the Lodge trail. I've seen a photo of one nice fish caught by Ryan H. a couple of years ago. I lost a 2 1/2 lber in there, so there are some nice fish, but lots of small ones!!There's also crappie in there. The ponds are very shallow, except at the edges of the dikes. I believe they dredged there to create the dikes. Lures -Weedless topwater, T- rigged soft plastics and small spinnerbaits have worked for me

You can access the park 2 ways, off Quarry rd. (large parking lot) or off Oliver rd.(small parking lot). I prefer weekdays because the lodge is often used for wedding which will affect the parking.

Now for the warnings !!!!
Do not leave anything in your vehicle that looks to be of any value !! The Quarry rd lot is known for break ins, but the lodge lot probably has them as well, but there's lodge staff in the area.

Oliver rd may be closed to lessen human/bear encounters.

Take bug spray, the mosquitoes can drive you nuts.

Good Luck, and post your results.



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