Ice on Skaha

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Ice on Skaha

Post  platypus on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:28 pm

--This is time of year you get Ice on Skaha... day to day Ice on, Ice off

--Today -4 no wind sunny and ice on.
--This time of year most that fish the larger lakes are usning bucktail, plug or spoon for large rainbows near the surface... Nakusp...arrow big fish derby minimum weight in size is 10 lbs... winner was over 17 lbs. 131 participants first prize $1300 . only 10 fish official weighed in.

--Was thinking this might be a way to compromize for Bass tourney... even though the big fish derby was a kill derby they only give three prizes for top three fish and they post weight of these fish, allowing anglers via cell or radio to keep posted on the top three fish... this reduces the number of fish killed. Of the 131 anglers most caught multiple fish however only a few killed brought in for official weight in. In a traditional kill derby with added hidden weight prizes there would have been at least 131 killed fish instead of only about a dozen. Draw prizes in this derby do not require a fish to be weighed in to have a chance to win a prize. This is 100% pay back..50 % winner then 30%/20%.


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